Welcome to our StreamerStore area.

This service offers Streamers/Youtubers and other internet personalities a cheap and affordable way to setup their own merchandise business to support their brand.

We charge a one-off £50 setup cost which includes at least 1 sample t-shirt plus a few other sample products depending on what is agreed during your application process, the sample will be made with your first design.

We offer a full backend system that allows you view your sales easily each month.

We manage every thing else for you, so when your fans/customers make a purchase you will be notified of the sale and we will do the rest.

All products are made and drop shipped to order so you do not need to purchase any stock to get your own merchandise store setup.

We include a sub-domain that matches your internet personality name so that it fits in smoothly with all your other links/social media accounts.

We offer full support in terms of personalising the appearance of your store front, adding in extra products and any website maintenance that is required.

You have full control over the prices you want to sell your products at on your store, simply message or e-mail your sales representative to have your prices changed or new products/designs added to your e-store.

All earnings are paid out to you on the 1st of each month via bank transfer or PayPal.

Please ensure you have submitted your logo prior to making a payment, once your design has been confirmed by our graphics team we will send you an invoice or PayPal invoice for your one-off payment to be made.

You can send us an e-mail with your information and logo at:

Or contact us via Facebook.